The right path…

In December, I was in a mild panic. Typical Siobhan, I must say. I was panicking like any other soon-to-be graduate about a career after my degree. I was worried about finding the right job or even a job at all. I knew I wanted to be in the PR industry, but where, who and what was still playing on mind. I kept asking myself that inevitable question each graduate asks, what path do I want to take?

In February 2017, I applied for graduate schemes and jobs. Hearing back from a few led to attending interviews and assessments days. It felt exciting but it still didn’t feel right. Feeling right about a placement, job or even work experience is severely underestimated and not often taken into account. I’ve always been told “if you get a good opportunity, go for it”, but what if you don’t feel confident or feel good about the opportunity?

A bad or uneasy feeling about an opportunity is telling and as important as the opportunity itself. I wish somebody had told me this at the start of the year.

In March, I was invited to an assessment day with an agency. I was extremely surprised. This scheme has been widely talked about in the PR industry as an innovative approach and I thought my application would get lost in the influx of incredible candidates. I was thrilled to make it to the assessment day. On the day,  I instantly got that right feeling. The environment felt friendly, fun and creative. I came away from the day, wanting the job even more than when I walked in that morning.

A few days later, I was notified I had been selected for the scheme. As soon as I got the call it felt right. At the start of the year, I panicked about what path to take and what I would do after I graduated. Paths do present themselves but it is crucial to make sure it is not only a great path but the right path. The saying commonly used when talking about love relates here, “when you know, you know”. In the future, this saying and learning curve will help in making decisions that feel right to me.

I am thrilled to say my path starts with Golin London on their new scheme Golin B&B in May and I can’t wait!


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