Can’t afford a ticket to a PR event? Don’t despair…

In October 2016, I received an email from the CIPR about their National Conference.  It was instantly intriguing due to the female heavy line up. I am writing my dissertation on femininity within PR therefore I was extremely keen to grab a ticket. As a student, the ticket price led to the predicament eat for the month or attend.

So, I decided to find out the events company running the conference and popped them an email. Contacting a company to ask for a free pass starting with the line ‘I’m a student’ can sometimes feel slightly uncomfortable. Actually, it always feels uncomfortable. So instead, I asked if I could volunteer at the event. The events company agreed. On Tuesday 22nd November, I made my way to the Barbican to attend the CIPR National Conference 2016.

Asking to volunteer at the event led to gaining a pass to the conference but I also learnt further skills on how to run a corporate event. I experienced greeting guests, organising packages for guests and most exciting of all, I was left to organise the questions from the audience for speakers through a digital app, Slido. I gained a new skill by learning how to operate the app and I was able to watch every individual speaker. It was a truly inspiring event full of brilliant women and men.

I loved being part of the conference and the events company had an extra pair of hands. It was mutually beneficial for both parties. So, if you see an event that you would like to attend but your student budget doesn’t quite stretch. Ask if there is an oppurtunity to volunteer. The worst they can do is turn your offer down and in my experience, everybody loves a helping hand.

Big thanks to the CIPR and Don’t Panic Events for the brilliant opportunity and day.


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