Back in Devon… minus the sigh & huff

I am surround by green fields and silence and this time it’s not with a sigh or a huff. I was looking forward to coming home this summer. Second year was hard and took a lot out of me. Everybody tells you it’s a step up from first year, that second year is finally the reality of a degree. Of course, it flies over your head in first year due to your bigger tasks like “what the hell am I eating for dinner?”.

I really tried my best this year. Second year for me, was my year. I wanted to get a first, even if it required blood, sweat and tears (which it did!). From March till about April,  I sat on my butt at my flat table in the kitchen for hours writing essays, reading and generally trying to educate myself. It became a second home for not just me but the rest of my flatmates. But fortunately, guess what? It payed off. This year, I walked out of my second year with a first.

I’ve never been bad at education. I’ve always been average. Yes I assure you, I know it’s nothing to moan about. Starting PR in my first year, I finally felt that I found something I loved, enjoyed and bonus, I was kind of good at. I found myself having ambition and drive to do well. First year, I walked out of the year with a high 2:1. I was happy but I swore I would work my butt off next year and try for a first. (Sitting at that table for so long, my butt didn’t work but more became numb!)

I didn’t think  a first was possible to be blatantly honest. Writing this, I still can’t quite believe I managed it. To some people, it is just a number or a regular thing but for me it finally convinced me that I had found ‘my thing’.  It gave me the confidence to pursue something that I enjoy and love so much.

Anyway, I’m back in Devon now. I took three weeks off seeing people, spending time with family and enjoying Devon in the sunshine. It was a lovely break. The sun has not lasted long, of course but I have found myself a ‘summer’ job and guess what? It’s in PR. I’ve been very lucky that a digital marketing agency down here have taken a chance with me. I am a PR  / Content Assistant for three months until third year comes calling in September.

Moral of the story: Stop doubting yourself, work hard and make it happen.



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