Made to Stick // TFL ‘Report it to Stop it’ Campaign

report it to stop it.png

I have lived in London for two years. Thankfully, I have had a great time in the city but a city comes with its chances. At first, being a country girl I was always on my guard. After a few months, complacency sets in and slowly you start to turn into that ‘typical Londoner’. Always in a rush, always unaware of surroundings.

At the start of my academic year, as a group project we looked at the TFL sexual harassment campaign. This campaign was created after researched showed 90% of incidents on London Public Transport go unreported. The campaign encourages commuters to report harassment on London’s Public Transport. Personally, I only realised the significance of the campaign when being faced with the issue myself.

A few weeks ago on two occasions I have been made to feel uncomfortable on London Transport. Something that I have never had to experience. It’s a coincidence both incidents happened in one week.  The incidents were minor but even so, I was made to feel so uncomfortable that I started to question my safety. Forgetting about gender, male or female, nobody should be made to feel uncomfortable on public transport.

I completely connected with the TFL campaign months after I had been exposed to it.   After the incident, I realised the campaign message was made to stick. I knew instantly how to report, where to report and what to report, all from a short video  TFL had created back in April 2015.  Campaign messages can still connect with their target audiences successfully. This TFL campaign shows that even with the many messages in this noisy old world, a campaign can still break through the noise.

If someone makes you feel uncomfortable on public transport, it is wrong. In the words of TFL – report it to stop it.  Find out more about the campaign here. Watch the video here.


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