My snapshot of Internal Communications with CommsQuest.

When CommsQuest Communication Consulting (a communication, change and engagement consultancy) came to our class to talk about engagement and internal communications, I became extremely interested. Working for a high profile company through my teenage years I came to notice quickly that internal comms in a company is everything. Effective internal communication is a business imperative for companies seeking to stand out. Success, in what is now an ever-evolving and connected world, depends on it.

CommsQuest set up a competition within our class at University of Greenwich with the prize being of spending a day at CommsQuest with their team in Hertford to get a glimpse into the world of consulting. I was really glad to be offered the opportunity along with my fellow classmate, Cleo to spend the day with CommsQuest in Hertford. The day started with an early start and a coffee briefing on what the day had to bring. We began with our task, helped by Darran Mustoe, we were to create a film talking to small businesses about communications. When you think of communications in business, you don’t think of your local florist down the road or that clothes shop on the corner. Communications is everywhere, and this what I learned…

We used film to capture key messages from our speakers as it is becoming an increasingly important part of the internal comms channels mix, and has the power to move people emotionally to take action or change behaviours. Filming this video allowed me to learn what makes a good communicator but also work on my very own communication skills. Throughout the day we were taught coaching tips on how to brief interviewee’s, how to keep them comfortable and how to get great content. It was a real learning curve.

After an intense couple of hours with back-to-back interviews, Darren and ourselves discussed our lessons learned. These helped shape an upcoming TV workshop that the team are holding in a few weeks for an aviation client and equip them with the skills to use film as storytelling communicators (not just movie makers). Myself and Cleo also had the opportunity to quiz Lorraine and David for loads of career advice and insight into running a business.

A day at CommsQuest taught me a lot. The film participants were all local contacts that had relationships with CommsQuest and due to this each interviewees everyone was happy to help in the film.  The main thing being ‘relationships are everything’ as it attracts new clients and retains existing clients. Looking after these relationships and maintaining them to the highest standard can greatly benefit a business and this is one thing I found CommsQuest prides themselves on.

I never considered a career path into internal comms because honestly, I always thought it wasn’t really the ‘exciting’ part of communications. Internal communication ensures people within organisations are committed to achieving ground-breaking business results, the exciting part comes in helping to improve collaboration, productivity and performance. In fact, in my small experience at CommsQuest, I did find it exciting, intriguing and I got a quick snap shot of what the industry is really like. Internal communications is now a path I might just stroll down.

Big thanks to David Norton and Lorraine Hambleton at CommsQuest for having us for the day! Also to Darren Mustoe for teaching us the ins and outs of the film process!

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Top 5: My PR Thought Leaders

Thought leaders are crucial in the field of public relations.  A trusted and innovative source that inspires and motivates people to do more. Innovative thinking that provides answers to pressing issues.

Thought leaders are changing the world in meaningful ways and engaging others to join their efforts. They create evolutionary and even revolutionary advancements in their fields not just by urging others to be open to new ways of thinking, but when they create a blueprint for people to follow – they provide a method, process, guidelines or a set of best practices.I feel that being aware of thought leaders within your degree only motivates you more to do well.

Thought leadership is not about being known, it is about being known for
                 making a difference.

I wanted to look at my ‘Top 5: PR Thought Leaders’, people who inspire me to become a success as a person and in the field of PR. By following these  thought leaders on their Twitter, their blog or their LinkedIn you are constantly aware of their content and up to date with current movements in the industry. Each day I am either inspired or motivated by these top 5…


  1. Stephen Waddington
    My favourite content produced by Stephen recently is his talk at ‘Thinking Digital’ in Manchester. He talks about how brands can use the internet effectively and correctly, great information for entering the industry. One of best thought leaders in digital and great content over on his blog and Twitter feed.
  2. Mary Whenman
    A great advocate for women in the industry. Supporting younger women in the PR industry is a particular passion of hers. Mary is President of ‘Women in PR’ (an independent association specifically for senior women working in the UK PR industry) and speaks at a lot of events on the female pipeline and women in the boardroom.
  3. Colin Byrne
    Colin is a thought leader due to his tremendous work in Weber Shandwick but his knowledge of the wider context. A blog post he wrote in January “2016: The year PR leaps ahead”  on Weber Shandwick’s website, shows clearly how aware Colin is of trends and issues that will rise in 2016.  Colin also writes a personal blog with content ranging from his love of David Bowie as a creative, to be in PR or not and diversity in PR.
  4. Paul Arden
    Unfortunately, Paul Arden is no longer with us. This month I have been reading his book ‘It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be’ and I love it. It still applies to PR in 2016 even though it has developed considerably since it was written back in 2003. Paul was not only a thought leader in PR but this book is a concise guide to making sure people make the most out of themselves in their career.
  5. Richard Bailey
    Richard has a great website that runs a weekly competition #BestPRBlogs. It looks at students nationally who write blog post that are informative, engaging and well written. Richard is a thought leader specifically for students and constantly comes up with new ways to engage the students that are the upcoming PR practitioners of the industry.