New Years Resolutions // 2016


  1. Limit technology. 
    Lately, I’ve noticed I am always on my phone or laptop. Whether I’m watching television, doing work or even spending time with friends and family, I am at some point distracted by technology. In lectures, a five minute break is code for “complete silence in the room as everyone checks their phones to see the latest updates”. As a society we are always multitasking and most of the time are not completely present. This year I want to make sure I am present in everything. The world has developed incredibly the past decade in technology and life seems to run around it. Hey, don’t take this the the wrong way I love a good Apple product as much as the next person but not knowing about an Instagram picture my mate just put up of their breakfast won’t kill me. This year, I will live through myself rather than a screen, limit my time on my phone/laptop and keep that five minute lecture break full of face-to-face communication.
  2. Enjoy.
    If you know me, you know I worry, stress and am an all over control freak (hey, I’m not afraid to admit it). This year, I’m setting myself a challenge to not stress and take everything good or bad as a part of a journey. I tend to look at bad experiences, news or situations as negatives in fact they most always have a lesson. I want to enjoy everything this year spending time with friends, going out, trips away and living the life I have worked so hard to get too. Recently, I have been reminded life is short, precious and something that should be enjoyed.
  3. Look after myself.
    I know what you’re thinking – “New year, new me”. Well yes, but I’m not going on an all liquid diet, getting a gym membership that I will never use or trying out a new health tea. I simply want to look after my body in a simple way, in what I consume, how I think and how I am active. I have never liked fitness, P.E in school for me was nothing short of hell and running up the stairs is what I call my ‘daily work out’. I have become lazy this year actively but more importantly I have noticed my mind becoming lazy. This year my aim is too make an effort in food, in positivity of my mind and looking after my body.

They always say ‘writing things down, makes them happen’ and putting them on my online blog for the world to see surely will help someway towards that. Usually, New Years resolutions can span up to a page long (I know mine did in past years). This year I wanted to keep it simple and limited. Listing 3 things which were going to fulfill, help and encourage myself to live a happy and healthy life.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Here is to a successful 2016!



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