The PR Fraternity – Refreshing a society…

I started blogging last year and really enjoyed it. Coming back in September I was looking forward to start writing about my interests again. This year I found it difficult to pin down a topic I wanted to write about or had time to write about. I discovered that this was my problem. Most of my time was being invested in a real big project that I am privileged to be a part of…

My Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feed this term has been covered with promotion for a society, The PR Fraternity. This year, I was pleasantly surprised to be elected president. The PR Fraternity runs along side our PR and Communications course at the University of Greenwich. Last year, I was really inspired by our ex- president, Charlotte Kingsland. I admired her commitment, communications with us as first years and also her reputation for doing well in assignments.

This summer I decided to come up with a strategy for The PR Fraternity. I looked at what I would like to change, what could be improved and what the Fraternity wanted to do this year.

  1. Refresh the image. A past student, Michelle Amos started the PR Fraternity just over four years ago. This year it was decided that a new logo, a new website and fresh new content would create some excitement about the society and inject curiosity for potential members.
  2. Start a blog. One thing I have learnt from last year is that blogging gives you a voice. The PR Fraternity is made up of students that all have voices. Making a blog for the fraternity gives not only the society a voice but individuals.  Unfortunately, I feel a student voice in the PR industry is lacking at the moment and The PR Fraternity wanted to capitalize on a group in the industry that don’t seem to get much attention.
  3. A industry spanning speaker programme. This year it was decided that a speaker program which spanned across many industries would be the most beneficial for students. Getting people who are current would not only give students knowledge on topics that are current (Example: Zoe Collins, Creative Director of Jamie Olivers Media Group talking about Sugar Tax) but would helps us with injecting that curiosity into the society.
  4. Bringing the ‘fraternal’ element to PR. The most important aspect of our society is the sense and feeling of a community. Calling the ‘fraternity’ that specific word was to reflect that this society was different from others. The PR Fraternity is a regular networking event for students, alumni and interested outsiders to hear interesting and challenging, yes. More importantly, it acts as a support network for PR students to network, learn and thrive in a community built specifically for them.
  5. An Alumni element. The University of Greenwich has a huge amount of very successful and dedicated alumni in many different sectors of the industry. The society wanted to make sure that the community was also made up of Alumni who could talk to students from a students perspective giving them valuable information about a sector they may know about or even advice on how to approach an assignment. PR is all about networking and not building up connections through people who are happy to help would be silly.

It’s great to have a strategy on what to do but who to do it is also very important. The PR Fraternity has an executive who are also voted on and our vital in making a society successful. Nobody can do it all on their own, as they say, there is no ‘I’ in team. Promotion was also key in making the society successful. Social media is great to promote and gain a good reputation.  A good reputation usually gains a good following which usually comes hand in hand with being active on current topics and keeping your style consistent across all platforms.

“Looking good from the outside is as important as looking good on the inside.”

Using Twitter to promote to industry, Facebook to alert members of the events through an invite-only event page and Instagram to promote the events afterwards to show what people missed who didn’t attend. Social media helped to give the society the reputation it wanted and needed to be successful.

The PR Fraternity has had it’s fair share of difficulties this term, room bookings and cancellations, being a few. All the difficulties have been over shadowed due to the success of this term. Inspiring speakers who have given up their time to speak to students have really motivated and inspired the new generation of PR Practitioners. The support the society has had from members, honorary patrons, speakers, lecturers and the industry has itself been inspiring.

The PR Fraternity will only grow in term two and I am very much looking forward to watching it flourish.

If you would like to find out more about The PR Fraternity, upcoming events or to sign up for our membership. Take a look at our website and social media @prfraternity.