It’s time for a change, London. |#londonischanging Campaign

This campaign is close to my heart. Just over six months ago I moved to London from the South West to study. Living in central London is exciting and full of opportunity but it comes at an extortionate cost.

Like any normal student I’ve had to budget. It’s only when I started comparing prices with friends studying outside of London, I realised the difference in expense. London is changing is a campaign to raise awareness of London’s need for change, creating a discussion about the effect of changes economically to the city. Londoners submit their views to to be displayed on billboards placed in Holborn or Aldgate.


Initiated by Central Saint Martins communication design course leader Rebecca Ross and her assistant Duarte Carrilho da Graça, the bold black and white billboards are very prominent. Some views are about how moving to the city has acquired them many opportunities but a majority focuses on the concern that creativity is being harnessed by the expense of London.

1111441The campaign is a great way for people to express their views. Rebecca Ross wanted exactly that, for the boards to “encourage discussion about the impact of economic and policy changes on the culture and diversity of London”. Personally, I think the boards are presenting frighting truths that have not yet been given the notice that is needed.


These boards have not only made an impact on the public viewing them on the street but also the boards have gathered media attention reaching a national audience. Now if you agree or not this topic is becoming the forefront of discussion. It’s a great way to encourage these truths to be heard by the big guys that have not been listening for far too long.

I hope this campaign makes an impact on London’s future. London being known as an expensive city is only over shadowing the positives. The diversity,creativity and opportunity is why I moved to London. This issue needs to be talked about and solved. London needs a change and hopefully this campaign is the first step.

London is Changing collects these views on a website, letting users submit their views. Be a part of it and have your say on London’s change. Submit here –  


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