Visit to the future of PR // Weber Shandwick


“PR is a fast changing discipline but it has always been a dialogue between an organisation and its public’s.” says Colin Byrne.

Walking into Weber Shandwick offices was far from surreal. A company that has been around nearly 41 years, Weber Shandwick is widely known as one of the first agencies to be born out of Europe. It’s successful and maybe that’s because of their awareness of the ever changing industry.

The “We’re engaging, always” tagline reflects the aim of attracting and holding public’s attention. Colin Byrne admitted a majority of their revenue is now from digital media alone, so no wonder digital is now a clear focus for the agency. Digital media has become an integral part of campaigns and Weber Shandwick understands the influence it is having more than anyone. Colin made it known that he is very interested in Africa and its developing industry. One of the amazing facts he used was that in Africa, more people own a smartphone than have access to clean water. This shows that digital media is becoming a basic need for people in our society and subsequently a great way to target public’s..

All this factual information about digital media from the visit was astonishing. I was always aware of digital media being an important part of campaigns but now digital media is the campaign. This era wants fast, quick and visual, something that digital media can deliver effectively. There is no need for a battle with a journalist or timely print media, when by sending out a 140 character message thousands can be enticed and informed within minutes.

Digital media is the future at Weber Shandwick and I think it’s the future of PR as an industry.


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