YouTube: Just One Big Communicator


YouTube has become one of the biggest video sharing sites over the past few years. The site has only been around a number of years yet, hours of footage is uploaded by millions of people all over the world. It’s purpose to communicate. Content can be produced on a iPhone, a fancy camera or even a webcam, all you need is a device that can film. That’s why YouTube is a brand new communication phenomenon. Anyone can do it.


Who ever thought that by picking up a camera filming day-to-day life could ever convert into something you could actually earn a living off? YouTube made it possible for someone to pick up a camera, connect with an audience and create a whole new universe; YouTube world.

Vloggers, blogging and series like Vlogmas are all jargon created due to this whole YouTube world. I mean, if you don’t know what I’m talking about? Where have you been. Let’s make it simple. Vlogging is the concept of blogging your life through video therefore the name vlogging was invented. Blogging is different due to it being the traditional writing a post about a topic or product and due to being in the festive season there is series like Vlogmas. This is where YouTube personalities are expected to vlog their lives each day till Christmas.

At first I think becoming a YouTube personality was almost frowned upon. I mean, picturing someone sitting in a bedroom filming themselves talking sounds slightly delusional admittedly. But oh how opinions have changed a few years later. YouTube personalities have become bigger than celebrities but in doing so become celebrities themselves.

If you don’t believe me then look at the likes of YouTube personality, Zoella. A quiet girl who lived in the South West had an interest in make up, clothes and decided to record it. Sat in her bedroom filming what she bought from the high street and fiver years later she’s filming herself walking down red carpets with flashing lights of the paparazzi trying to get a snap of the latest YouTube sensation. All this success started in a bedroom and now she has a book, beauty products and a radio show. All the success down to YouTube.

Connecting with a target audience these days is harder than ever. Television and radio have become too controlled to an audience. YouTube seems real. That’s the pull it has. The past few years we’ve seen reality television shows become popular, people want reality or at least a slight fraction of it. Audiences are done with the boring auto cues and rehearsed lines. YouTube is fresh.

PR has caught on and seized this obvious opportunity. YouTube personalities are a trusted source by their audience portraying themselves as normal and relatable. A perfect character to endorse a product. Celebrities are approached the same way. A free watch to wear on a well-known talk show and suddenly it’s sold out the next day. Celebrities started to become transparent and Kerry telling us to pop down to Iceland got a bit tedious. YouTube personalities are the perfect candidate for PR. Send a product over, the YouTuber likes the product, the YouTuber talks about the product, the audience wants the product. Easy.

YouTube has not only help encourage good PR for product but also for people. Jamie Oliver, a television chef in his prime. Television cooking shows sent him big time and was the forefront of prime time TV. Fast forward to 2014 and ¬†sitting down to watch someone cook something for 45 minutes is unheard. Having a pen and paper to hand never happens when your slumped on the couch. Let’s face it, it’s also going to be very rare that you have a photographic memory in order to remember each and ever step.

The 2014 answer: Food Tube. Jamie Oliver’s YouTube channel ¬†has already acquired over a million subscribers. Cooking which can be accessible anywhere and at any time. No reaching for a pen or paper only for you to lose it once you’ve got to the supermarket. Jamie’s picked up on the fact he can connect with his audience instantly and directly through YouTube. Not only does it work better as a communicator to the audience but also as the audience to the communicator. The comment section of videos become a place where people connect and ask for specific content from the communicator. Creating instant feedback and data for the communicator to receive and work on. It becomes an online community that connect with each other from all around the world with no geographical boundaries. A global village if you like.

YouTube is one big success story. It communicates with its audiences and the audience communicates with each other successfully. It’s a new wave of communication for a range of industries to use free of charge. YouTube is the new television and a new major communicator. Forget celebrities, try normal people sat in their living room filming on a iPhone.

YouTube, just one big communicator. Friendly, accessible and a global community. All at click of a button.