Devon to London & a Valuable Lesson Learned


Moving from Devon, the quiet village life to the hectic London city life is a huge contrast. I’ve always dreamed of living in London, (a cliche I know). I always loved the thought of being right in the thick of everything, having opportunities present themselves right on your doorstep and being in a city full of interesting people that you can possibly cross paths with everyday. My choice to move here was definitely the right one but I never predicted missing home.  In other words, I never thought I’d ever type the words ‘I miss Devon’.

I was known to complain about living in Devon for instance, how ‘it was so quiet’ and that ‘how the average age was about seventy’. I had no idea that within a week of moving I would be missing the place and it’s seventy year old residents. Nobody really tells you about the homesickness when moving to Uni. Well they do, but not the homesickness that you want to be in two places at once. Don’t get me wrong, I love my uni, my course and especially my flat mates. But even though everything has gone pretty smoothly in this new chapter, there is a part of me that still misses the old.

238Uni definitely throws you in the deep end and gives you a push into adult life.
Even if you realize when there, right in the thick of it, that your not as ready as previously thought. There’s defiantly no get-out-of-jail free card available. A few months ago, I had no worry of when I was going to see my best friends, I didn’t have to wait four weeks to see my boyfriend and I definitely didn’t have to think about what I was going to cook for breakfast, lunch or dinner every day. I was living the easy life back home without any realization and I only now fully understand the saying ‘Don’t wish your life away’. If you’re a college student looking to go to university then I urge you to not take for granted what your living in the moment, right now. Don’t take for granted your mother or her cooking, home cooked meals are always the best. It’s great to dream about the future but I focused a lot on my aspirations rather then the current moment I was living.


Being in London is amazing and fascinating. I get to meet people every day that I never would have come across if I was back in Devon. I count myself lucky and feel very grateful to live in a city that has such a variety of people and cultures, which is truly giving me the experience of a lifetime. It is common knowledge that Uni is suppose to be the best three years of your life. But truly I have learned that every moment that you live whether it’s stuck in the middle of nowhere or in the streets of a vibrant city, matters.
So right now, I’m living in the moment as a PR student in the wonderful city of London and ready to live every exciting moment.

How about you?