Hey! I’m Siobhan, a twenty one year old student living in London for my studies and dropping back to the south-west for a beach walk or two.

I study Public Relations and Communications, and for that you have to be a pretty good communicator. I really like speaking, creating relationships and learning from people. I get bored easily. I like change and productivity. This is why I have a passion for digital. Digital changes at such a fast pace that it does nothing but keep me on my toes. This every growing digital world is exciting and develops day by day to show incredible new innovations.

If you know me, you know I am very proud of my Irish heritage. I spent most of my childhood in Ireland and class myself as an Irish citizen (passport to prove it). In my late teens I moved to Devon. In both, Ireland and Devon I lived in remote areas. I have always craved the city. Clique, but I cannot remember when I didn’t ever say ‘I want to live in the city’. That’s why, moving to London in 2014 to study was one of the best decisions. The people, places and opportunities that I have been presented are second to none.

So here I am, finally living the dream and blogging about it. Come along for the ride.

Find out more here.

All views & opinions expressed are my own.

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